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We develop deep relationships with our owners, our residents and our communities to understand their unique needs and desires. We scrutinize data to uncover uncommon trends that help us grow our owner's investments while using our market, business, and property insight to provide outstanding living experiences. 




The team at Insite has the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of your property, its residents and its community. We develop our insight by analyzing data trends, applying proven operating standards, and researching the market and the competitive landscape. Our goal is to become the consummate experts of the property, providing you the expertise you need to thrive.


Insite was formed in 2003 and since then, the remarkable value we bring to our investors has remained consistent. Few real estate companies in the Northwest today can provide the same expert level of advice and management year after year. We apply the same standards and use the same proven procedures at the properties we own and operate, giving us true owner insight.  

Data-Driven. People Proven.


Business Insite

Property Insite

Market Insite

Marketing Insite

Having best practices put into action by the best teams leads to success. We have clear, proven operating standards for how we run properties that are backed by years of experience and insight. We hold ourselves accountable to best business procedures, policies and rules, ensuring our clients experience steady, long-term growth.

We become the consummate experts on the properties we manage. We know every nook and cranny, every switch and value, every cycle and plan from maintenance to parking and beyond. We know the strengths and weaknesses intimately, so we can speak persuasively about the building to potential residents, and tackle maintenance requests efficiently for residents.

We believe it’s vital to know what’s trending in the market. Where are rents going and how do you adjust your plan at a moment’s notice? We make a conscious effort to understand the market nuances, uncovering our own data and looking into the reasons behind the numbers. We conduct market surveys and shop neighboring properties, discovering how we can differentiate your property from the competition.

The story you tell about your property is the hook that captures residents. We mine for deep insight, performing back-end analytics and profile studies allowing us to create a rich resident tapestry and brand story. We develop a persuasive marketing plan that we measure and analyze to ensure we’re converting. This insight helps us prove the power of your brand platform and how to use it to drive results.

Data Insite

Anyone can analyze data and look for trends in the market. We pull data apart and look for what it does, and often time does not, tell us. We draft our own competitive reviews and build comprehensive rent matrixes to support them. We use data for internal accounting to determine where operating financials are trending. We establish baselines and test them. Constantly examining the details helps us understand not just what the data’s doing, but why, and how we can react to it.

Property Management

& Advisory Services from the insight out.

Current Properties

Our Communities 

LINQ Lofts + Flats
Kenmore, WA
Now Leasing

Juanita Creek
Kirkland, WA
Now Leasing


The (104)
Bothell, WA
Now Leasing

District Flats
Woodinville, WA
Now Leasing


Sammamish, WA
Now Leasing


The Pop
Bothell, WA
Now Leasing


Kenmore, WA
Now Leasing


Bothell, WA
Now Leasing

Porch + Park
Redmond, WA
Now Leasing


Seattle, WA
Now Leasing


The Pine
Kirkland, WA
Now Leasing


Duvall Village
Duvall, WA
Now Leasing

Community Impact Report


Celebrating and promoting the impact our organization is making on the communities in which we develop, construct, and operate. We are proud of our efforts and our team member’s dedication to giving back and to creating sustainable, equitable, and inclusive communities.

Meet the Team

Meet Our Team 

Kelly Price

Jeff Baker
VP of Finance


Cynthia Mace
Portfolio Manager

Andrew Guest
Director of Maintenance

Chantel Emery




Molly Lambright
Sr VP of People & Culture


Daniella Tobar
Portfolio Manager


Kyle Sherron
Field Operations Supervisor

Jackie Hizzey

Heather Fahey
Director of Operations


Alex Gerke
Operations Manager


Kegham Bedoyan
Dir. of Marketing & Innovation

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Insite Property Solutions

5808 Lake Washington Blvd NE

Suite 203

Kirkland, WA  98033



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